The newly launched warehouse will serve 1/3 of shops in the "home and garden" category. Moreover, thanks to the transaction, several dozen new jobs were created. The new investment, which thanks to its location on the road and motorway network, provides easy access to the Silesian agglomeration and other cities in southern Poland, supports the optimization of the supply chain of the Muszkieterów group. Launching the warehouse, and thus shortening the distance to Bricomarché supermarkets, will significantly reduce logistics costs, as well as improve the level of order fulfillment, punctuality of deliveries, and the quality and safety of delivered goods.

The logistics of the Muszkieterów group in Poland is the responsibility of ITM Baza Poznańska, and the main logistics center of Muszkieterów, which acts as a warehouse and distribution base for both the Bricomarché and Intermarché chains, is located in Swadzim.