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20 mln sq m of warehouse space in Poland in next year

Report – Warehouse market in Q3 2019, Poland: The warehouse sector in Poland has recorded another good quarter. In June to September 2019, over 830,000 sq m of modern warehouse space was rented, of which 56% constituted new lease agreements. 990,000 sq m were delivered on the market, and 1.85 million sq m remains under construction. The availability of space increased slightly to 6.2%. This trend should continue in the following quarters – states the report “Report – Warehouse market in Q3 2019, Poland” summarizing the third quarter of this year in the warehouse market prepared by AXI IMMO experts.

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CEE property investment Q3

Commercial property investment activity exceeded €8bn across Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in the first three quarters of 2019, 54% above the five year average, according to Savills latest research report.

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Next Urban Warehouse from 7R

After Gdansk, Szczecin, Warsaw and Lodz, the time has come now for Wroclaw. This is the next city where a new 7R investment is being developed as part of expansion of its urban warehouse network. This is already the second project of the developer in this region.

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Interview of Filippo Rean, director of the real estate division of Reed MIDEM - MIPIM and MAPIC markets.

With his expertise, he speaks to us about his vision of PropTech and enlightens us on the trends to follow.

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What is included in Warehouse PR?

The Warehouse PR ensures to our registered Partners the publication of the short news and transactions connected to their companies and warehouse

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The types of the warehouse transactions

There are 2 different types of transactions: lease and sale transactions.

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Warehouse definition

A warehouse, in general, is a place for storage of goods, or, in another aspect - the organization that carries out operations with commodities in the warehouse. It can either be a separate unit, or be a part of a company. Storing the goods, building orders, splitting shipments, if necessary - packaging, as well as selling the goods to wholesalers are being done at a warehouse. The classification of warehouses is very diverse. They are classified by different traits. By storing method: closed, open and half closed. In turn closed warehouses can be classified by the number of stores (multi-stores, surface and underground) and heat ability. Due to the tendency of saving space, construction of warehouses now tends to rise, warehouse location under the ground, the enlargement of aisles of the supporting structures (for storing large cargo). In the modern construction of warehouses structures out of light alloys are used. There are several other ways to categorize warehouses. For example, depending on the set of services (divided into classes from A to D), or by type of ownership (owned or leased), or by purpose (distribution, long-term storage, universal, specialized, commercial, industrial, etc.), or by storage mode (heated and not, cold storage, etc.). Nowadays big warehouses, providing the entire set of storage services that allow to minimize the expenses by rejecting owned warehouses, are becoming more popular. In such warehouses the following services are done: loading and unloading at special terminals, packaging and consolidation of the goods, separate storage of different types of products (bulk, liquid, requiring special storage conditions). Usually such warehouse complexes are equipped with modern facilities and access roads and railway lines.

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