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The Pomeranian Logistics Centre in the rapidly expanding Tri-City (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) area is ideally located next to the Gdańsk Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT). The DCT i...

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LPP grows in Pruszcz

POLAND The extension to the LPP distribution centre in Pruszcz Gdański has been topped off and general contractor Dekpol has started the finishing work on the office area.

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Hillwood Marki expands

POLAND Hillwood is expanding its logistics centre in Marki near Warsaw and is building a 5,600 sqm building for Alcomex, a producer of torsion springs.

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More than 62,500 sqm starting at Panattoni Park Toruń II

Panattoni Europe, industrial real estate leader in Europe, invests in Cuiavia-Pomerania. Construction works at Panattoni Park Toruń II with more than 62,500 sqm are about to start in the coming July. The distribution centre will be put into operation as soon as Q1 2020.

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7R grows the team and develops the Capital Markets Department

Tomasz Kostrzewa has been appointed to the position of an Associate Director at 7R.

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Arteria SA Continues to Grow in Blonie

Capital Group Arteria S.A. will soon expand its warehouse footprint at P3 Błonie. Arteria Document Solutions, part of Arteria S.A., leased nearly 3,000 sqm of additional warehouse space. The tenant was represented by real estate advisory firm Cresa Poland.

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Interview of Filippo Rean, director of the real estate division of Reed MIDEM - MIPIM and MAPIC markets.

With his expertise, he speaks to us about his vision of PropTech and enlightens us on the trends to follow.

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You Should Know Before Selecting a Warehouse

Warehouse definition

A warehouse, in general, is a place for storage of goods, or, in another aspect - the organization that carries out operations with commodities in the warehouse. It can either be a separate unit, or be a part of a company. Storing the goods, building orders, splitting shipments, if necessary - packaging, as well as selling the goods to wholesalers are being done at a warehouse. The classification of warehouses is very diverse. They are classified by different traits. By storing method: closed, open and half closed. In turn closed warehouses can be classified by the number of stores (multi-stores, surface and underground) and heat ability. Due to the tendency of saving space, construction of warehouses now tends to rise, warehouse location under the ground, the enlargement of aisles of the supporting structures (for storing large cargo). In the modern construction of warehouses structures out of light alloys are used. There are several other ways to categorize warehouses. For example, depending on the set of services (divided into classes from A to D), or by type of ownership (owned or leased), or by purpose (distribution, long-term storage, universal, specialized, commercial, industrial, etc.), or by storage mode (heated and not, cold storage, etc.). Nowadays big warehouses, providing the entire set of storage services that allow to minimize the expenses by rejecting owned warehouses, are becoming more popular. In such warehouses the following services are done: loading and unloading at special terminals, packaging and consolidation of the goods, separate storage of different types of products (bulk, liquid, requiring special storage conditions). Usually such warehouse complexes are equipped with modern facilities and access roads and railway lines.

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How can i upload picture to the warehouse?

You can upload pictures to your industrial park in your user admin at the media menu. You can attach 6 additional pictures to your industrial park building / building at the Available space menu, where you can also fill in your warehouse buildings information in details.

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What does Looking for warehouse mean?

Our warehouse search function is unique compare to other local warehouse search portals. This function turns around the warehouse search process. It is not you who has to search and ask for offers one by one from the warehouses, but they are competing for You! You indicate where, for how much and what kind of warehouse space you are looking for and our system sends your request to all warehouses matching your search criteria.

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