As part of the expansion, the warehouse space was increased by an additional 15,000 sq m. sq m, which together gives 55 thousand. sq m, and a total mezzanine of 75 thousand. The high-bay warehouse in the new space will accommodate 240 thousand. cartons, which increases the total capacity of their storage to about 420 thousand. Specialist self-propelled trolleys with variable reach were used to operate the high train, which move along an induction corridor with a length of 4.4 thousand meters. meters.

The new warehouse module is equipped with a 123-meter system of conveyor lines, which is connected to the existing space in order to efficiently transport cartons. As many as 3.5 km of belt conveyors were used in the entire distribution center. Additionally, the warehouse uses sorters and a dynamic inventory replenishment system, and the ERP SAP S4 / HANA system watches over the correctness of the operation. Thanks to the expansion of the distribution center, the operating volumes
will increase by approximately 30%.