Part of the GLP Wrocław IV Logistics Center car park has recently been covered with paving stones with anti-smog properties. Its manufacturer, Libet, uses a special component containing titanium dioxide. Under the influence of the sun, it reduces the concentration of harmful nitrogen oxide particles in the air, e.g. from car exhaust fumes, by more than a third. Nitrogen oxides are oxidized to a harmless form and then washed away by rainfall. In the same way, dirt on the concrete surface, such as aerosols, fats, oils and dusts, is removed.

GLP Wrocław IV Logistics Center is located within the borders of Wrocław. There are, among others, automotive suppliers such as Gestamp and Dongshin. There are offices on site.

Our clients more and more often take into account factors related to the protection of the environment and employee health. On this basis, they modify their supply chains and use infrastructure that allows them to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve their sustainable development goals. With them and the local community in mind, we eagerly reach for innovative technologies, explains Magdalena Warzyńska, property manager at GLP, managing the logistics center.

Park users can use other solutions that fit into the ESG strategies, e.g. reduce electricity consumption, e.g. thanks to the use of LED lighting and numerous skylights.