The investment was designed to accommodate up to 1,200 employees and enhance innovation and efficiency in manufacturing. The tenant's move into the location is under way and will continue into next year.


Panattoni Europe has completed the construction for GE Energy Management, whose technological solutions are on a par with the most advanced manufacturing plants worldwide. The facility features manufacturing and warehousing sections, staff and office facilities, as well as advanced laboratories for rapid prototyping, technology development, product testing and certification and also a Customer Experience Center, all of this on a 12-hectare site in Bielsko-Biała. Panattoni Europe's BTS team was actively involved in conceptual and design work on the factory - together with GE Energy Management and CBRE.


The project executed by Panattoni Europe for GE Energy Management came about following a decision to consolidate the space leased by the tenant to unite and streamline manufacturing operations from four Bielsko-Biala facilities (16 buildings) and optimise logistics. The new factory is a consolidated project totalling 45,000 sqm. The manufacturing and warehousing section, which takes up 37,839 sqm, has been divided into functional blocks: manufacturing; assembly (which is functionally combined with the testing and laboratory section) and a logistics section. Offices and collaborative meeting space meet the standards of top-class, grade A office space.


According to Marek Foryński, Managing Director BTS Group, Panattoni Europe: "the development of the investment for GE Energy Management has been the most advanced project for our team to date, both in terms of the implementation schedule and the requirements of the concept itself and its technical infrastructure. What makes this facility different is not just its purpose, but most of all the solutions adopted inside."


This GE Energy Management brilliant factory is one of the largest manufacturing plants in the region and marks an important point on its investment map.


Panattoni Europe celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. In 2008, the company established its BTS Group structure, with which the developer initiated a market trend for building build-to-suit facilities, particularly within Special Economic Zones. Over the years, the Group has executed such investments as the manufacturing facility in Świebodzin for RECARO Aircraft Seating Polska; the first European factory of Polaris Industries - the American vehicle manufacturer whose product range includes quads, which was built in Opole within the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park; the factory for Kellogg's Company - known worldwide for its breakfast cereals, cookies and snacks, notably Pringles - developed at the Kutno Subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone; two facilities for Faurecia, the leading manufacturer of automotive parts, or the recently built automotive glass manufacturing facility for Pilkington Automotive Poland Sp. z o.o., which was delivered in Chmielów at the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN. At present, the Group is at an advanced stage of works on a manufacturing facility project dedicated to the rolling stock made by Bombardier Transportation. The new facility in Wrocław will feature approx. 19,400 sqm. The project is anticipated to be completed in June 2016.