The new facility, located at 4 Józefa Franczaka "Lalka" St., serves as a logistics warehouse and a modern transshipment terminal, allowing quick and efficient handling of goods. This fits in with the company's development strategy, including in the area of pallet deliveries in the so-called last mile. Rohlig Suus Logistics this year bought Expert, a company specializing in such services, which also has a branch in Lublin. Suus is also developing value-added services in the region - picking, labeling, banding and product kitting. The company targets customers in the food, furniture, industrial chemicals, automotive or paper industries, among others.

- We have been present in the Lublin province for 12 years, and every year we see more and more interest from entrepreneurs in the region. Our new warehouse is located in a Special Economic Zone, Euro Park Mielec, the area of which is crossed by major transportation routes leading from north to south and from east to west in Europe. We believe that the Lublin region, thanks to its scientific and research facilities, access to a qualified workforce, as well as its excellent location, can become a strategic point for global supply chains in the coming years, including becoming a natural logistics hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine," says Adam Galek, board member of Rohlig Suus Logistics.

- Combining the functions of a cargo terminal and a logistics warehouse allows us to streamline logistics processes. At one time, our new warehouse can handle 40 cars, which significantly increases the current efficiency of the branch," says Krystian Zakrzewski, director of the Rohlig Suus Logistics branch in Lublin. Importantly, we are almost quintupling our administrative space and are betting on a modern way of organizing work and an office in the style of Office of the future. We believe that a friendly and open office will increase our competitiveness in the Lublin labor market," he adds. The building also provides a special rest area for drivers.

The new warehouse is currently in the process of BREEAM certification - confirming that the building's design was created in accordance with sustainable development principles and that it is an employee and environmentally-friendly building. Solar panels have been placed on the roof, which will power the office and warehouse, reducing energy consumption costs. In front of the facility there are also

stations with chargers for electric cars. Insect boxes have been placed on the building's grounds, and there are plans to create a flower meadow.

The Polish logistics operator has also recently opened a new warehouse in the capital of the West Pomeranian region. All the new facilities meet the highest ecological requirements and are in line with the Office of the future concept.