Over the last five years, Panattoni has regularly developed tailor-made cross-dock centres for the DHL group – a global leader in the logistics industry. The developer has delivered two projects in Wielkopolska including 105,00 sqm in Żerniki, where the company’s Supply Chain division conducts operations for an e-commerce clothing giant. Panattoni also handed over two BTS centres in the Warsaw region to DHL Parcel with a combined area of 17,000 sqm in Pruszków and Radzymin.

This tome the developer has completed another centre, this time 20 km from Poznań in Kostrzyn as a BTO project for DHL Parcel to own. At the end of December 2022, the company acquired a cross-dock facility with an area of around 9,000 sqm. With a sufficiently large number of gates and a sorter machine, the investment effectively serves as a parcel-handling centre. The company also has a two-storey office at its disposal with an area of almost 1,000 sqm as part of the development.

“A build-to-own facility is always a huge expression of trust, which when it comes to working with the DHL Group, we have built up on the basis of many BTS developments all throughout Poland. This is also another centre developed by us for the company in Wielkopolska, which demonstrates the huge potential of the region for businesses with international reach – potential that comes from such factors as its proximity to the A2 motorway, which joins Poznań with Berlin, the main logistics hub of Central Europe,” says Marek Dobrzycki, the Managing Director at Panattoni and he adds: “The story of our work together with DHL is also the story of rising standards in sustainable development because each of our projects has been more advanced than the last with its green and energy-saving solutions. It has been a superb feeling to make my contribution to the Go Green concept being implemented by DHL in its pursuit of zero emissions.”

“The facility developed for DHL by Panattoni is of major importance to our operations. Just the hall itself has an area of 8,000 sqm. The centre has been equipped with the first cross-belt system in Poland, which allows for the sorting of up to 7,500 parcels an hour without error. It’s worth pointing out that our operating unit in Kostrzyn near Poznań is one of the most modern and efficient facilities of its kind in Europe. We continue to develop our expertise and we invest in increasingly innovative solutions. As a result, we significantly improve our efficiency and we respond to the needs of our customers whom we place first,” points out Arkadiusz Stasiak, the Vice-President of Operations at DHL Parcel Polska.

As part of the development near Poznań, DHL Parcel will benefit from solar panel installations, electric vehicle charging stations and daylight sensors for outdoor lighting.  Cycling facilities can also be found on the centre site and Panattoni has taken care to plant trees and bushes to improve the ecosystem as well as flower meadows that do not require frequent mowing. The developer has also placed shelters for invertebrates, insects and birds.

The BTO development was erected in Kostrzyn – 20 km from the centre of Poznań and 30 km from Poznań Airport in Ławica. The DHL centre is 3.5 km from the Kostrzyn junction on the A2 motorway where it connects with the S5 expressway, which runs onto cities such as Wrocław and Bydgoszcz.