Panattoni was one of the first in the industrial real estate industry to see the huge potential of the Pomeranian region, where up till now it has delivered around 600,000 sqm or almost half the total stock. The market’s huge attraction is confirmed by the latest construction work to begin as part of the Panattoni Park Tricity East III project, which upon completion will comprise an area of 44,300 sqm with 33,600 sqm already leased out to firms from the logistics and food industries. The park is located near the Port of Gdańsk, the second largest port on the Baltic sea, where last year record high volumes of cargo were handled.

“The TriCity region is the largest port hub and one of the most economically developed regions in the country. It also has access to two important transport corridors that lead to the Baltic states and connect Scandinavia with Southern Europe. To realise the huge potential of this location it was necessary to rapidly increase the industrial real estate stock, which we have seen happen over the last few years. Panattoni has had a huge part to play in this, further driving the development of the region, attracting international companies and creating jobs,” says Martyna Sochaczewska, the Leasing Director at Panattoni.

In 2022, the TriCity saw demand for around 400,000 sqm and together with the Lublin region found itself just behind the so-called Big Five. The biggest driver of development is still the Port of Gdańsk, where in 2022 up to 68.2 mln tonnes  of cargo were handled (28% more than in the previous year), while total volumes over the last ten years have grown by 170%. The Port of Gdynia is also developing, where over 28 mln tonnes were handled, up by 5.6% on the previous year.

Panattoni Park Tricity East III will be equipped with a range of sustainability solutions. The developer is to strengthen the roof for the installation of solar panelling and also employ technology to limit water and energy usage.