Marketing Investment Group (MIG) is a leader in the footwear and clothing industry that realizes sales in the omnichannel model. The company dynamically develops the online sales channel and the network of traditional trading points in the CEE region.

Marketing Investment Group efficiently manages the growing network of over 400 chain stores: Sizeer, 50style, Symbiosis, Timberland and active online sales for these brands. The company is also a distributor on the Polish market of the Timberland, New Era, Lotto, Umbro and the Lacoste footwear line. The company is strongly focused on the use of the latest technologies and unconventional marketing tools that translate into customers’ shopping experience.

New distribution centre for myBOX Logistics in Kielce

Due to the dynamic development of the sales network, including primarily the e-commerce channel and due to the change of the distribution model for own Logistics, the company decided to rent a new facility. The warehouse which is built by 7R developer for the client will be adapted to the individual needs of the tenant. The new facility will have above-standard warehouse height and floor loading, 3-level mezzanine and special docks with a reduced level for buses. A New warehouse will be largely automated and divided into zones. Due to the technical advancement and the latest design solutions, the client will benefit from the discounts offered within Kielce within the framework of the Polish Special Investment Zone.

 „The new logistics center in the Kielce area is for us a strategic investment within the framework of supply chain management. We considered various locations, the choice fell on Świętokrzyskie voivodeship, due to the good location with access to the main communication routes, availability of employees and the possibility to benefit from tax breaks within the economic zone. Approximately 200 people will find work in the new facility.” – comments Krzysztof NitschMember of the Board of Marketing Investment Group.

„We are happy that we could support the Marketing Investment Group company in the process of choosing BTS investment. As the example of our client shows, technologically advanced logistics solutions are not only the domain of international e-commerce companies, but also Polish entities that effectively gain further market shares” – comments Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial & Leasing Agency at AXI IMMO Group.

When choosing a new facility, the client was interested in adjusting technical and time aspects to a wider investment process and location, which would allow the organization of the supply chain not only in Poland but also in Europe. these assumptions will be met by the 7R project in the vicinity of Kielce.” – adds Anna Głowacz.

BTS in Kielce at 7R Park Kielce

7R Park Kielce is an A-class warehouse park to be constructed in Chęciny, by the S7 expressway and the Kielce Południe junction. The park will ultimately offer approximately 70,000 sq m. warehouse and office space for rent with the possibility of adapting to the individual requirements of tenants. The minimum storage modules for rent at 7R Park Kielce are approximately 2,000 sq m. The facility will use energy-saving solutions, including LED lighting. The building will have a high standard of fire protection.



Source: AXI Immo