Panattoni Europe - a partner for now and for the future. The industrial estate developer has strongly expanded the warehousing operations for the last two years, with robust investment in the emerging markets. Those include Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin and Opole regions. Access to modern warehousing space in those regions supports, among others, the growth of logistics operators. This fact is confirmed by the recent move by InPost that rented in total 21,000 sq m in four distribution centers - Panattoni Park Toruń II, Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz II, Panattoni Park Szczecin II and Panattoni Park Opole – in each center ca. 5,000 sq m, including ca 700 sqm offices. InPost plans to locate there modern sorting centers servicing InPost parcel outlets and InPost Kurier services, with the intention to faster handle a growing volume of delivered parcels. In 2018, InPost delivered 86 million parcels, i.e. 52.5 percent increase as compared to the previous year. Parcel deliveries by courier increased by 45.5 percent, and through self-service parcel outlets by as much as 56.3 percent. The number of Paczkomat® self-service outlets – with the current figure at over 5,000 - has already exceeded the number of Poczta Polska's own outlets (4,600).

"Working with a large volume of parcels, seamless processing and operational efficiency of distribution centers are of paramount importance. The new sorting centers meet our strict requirements - both in terms of locations and access to major highways, and an appropriate number of docks and courier shelters. The four new logistics centers will significantly increase our efficiency in three provinces: Kuyavian-Pomeranian, West Pomeranian and Opole province" says Rafał Brzoska, president of InPost.

Locations with perspectives. The distance from distribution warehouse to a customer defines the chance to deliver a parcel in the shortest possible time. Therefore, Panattoni Park Toruń II - a modern distribution facility of a total area over 62,500 sqm – is located only 10 km from the city center. Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz II with about 67,000 sqm of warehouse and office space is located only 5.5 km from the center city, while Panattoni Park Szczecin II with a total area of almost 69,000 sqm is located within the city's administrative boundaries, as well as in an immediate vicinity of the Special Economic Zone. Panattoni Park Opole - with an area of nearly 49,000 sqm - is not only located close to the city center but also with convenient access to the main communication routes on the Wrocław-Katowice axis.

Dorota Jagodzińska, Managing Director at Panattoni Europe, commented on the new lease agreements with InPost: "The opportunity to start a cooperation in these regions with such a partner like InPost is for us a very important sign. It proves that our investment efforts meet expectations of the leading logistic companies in Poland. As this is about working together with a dynamically growing logistics operator not in one but simultaneously in four new locations. As an industrial estate developer, we were the first to see a growth potential in Toruń, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and Opole, and being a pioneer pays off today, as exemplified by our cooperation with InPost. "

Efficient warehouses mean efficient service. Operational efficiency is the main advantage of the warehousing centers rented by InPost. All four facilities have been adapted for cross-docking operations, with foreseen appropriate number of docks and courier shelters. Four trucks and approx. 115 courier buses can be served simultaneously in Bydgoszcz, Szczecin and Opole. In the Toruń location, these figures are even more impressive - 10 trucks and 137 courier buses may operate at the same time in the sorting plant. All facilities are A-class warehouses, meeting the requirements of multi-criteria certification for BREEAM buildings. These is a key factor to ensure operational security in the days of a strong growth in the Polish e-commerce market, that generates such a large demand for courier services. As indicated by the report prepared by, Polish e-commerce is ranked 13th in the world and is characterized by one of the largest growth pace in the number of transactions carried out. As of today, the number of consumers who buy online exceeded 15 million. As much as 63 percent online buyers declare that they use services offered by InPost most of the times.


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