Keep calm and grow with Panattoni. Panattoni keeps creating development opportunities for the industrial sector in Legnica. Following the successful completion of several production facilities and a dedicated logistics centre, the developer has embarked on the construction of phase one (25,000 sqm) of Panattoni Park Legnica, planned to total 90,000 sqm. The upcoming facility will be occupied by Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska – the polish production site of the global e-commerce company Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt empowers people to express themselves on-person and in the world around them with personalised and custom-made products. All products are printed on demand and shipped across Europe from the polish site. The business has been operating in Legnica for over 10 years. Due to its development plans and with a view to the optimisation and streamlining of production and logistics, it was decided to replace the original premises with modern class A warehouse space.

At Panattoni Park Legnica – the first industrial park of its type in the region – Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska has leased in excess of 11,000 sqm. The production and warehousing section will occupy more than 10,000 sqm, while office space – close to 1,000 sqm. The company will be moving into the new facility on 1 August 2020. Thanks to the move, Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska will be able to fulfill 20% per cent more orders than to date.

"We have been producing in Legnica for over 10 years with a very committed and well-trained team. With this team we want to grow and take the next step in the development of Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska. This location will be our central warehouse for all our EU locations. We will install new printing technology and thus expand the team's expertise in areas such as embroidery," comments Chief Customer Delivery Officer Hanne Dinkel on the move from the centre of Legnica to Panattoni Park Legnica.

Panattoni will adapt the leased space to the needs of processes handled by Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska. Customisation will include: adaptations related to permanent workstations – the manufacturing section will be daylit at 12.5 per cent, and the number of air changes per hour will be increased – as well as those related to manufacturing processes as such – featuring an adiabatic humidification system, special extraction devices, compressor system, low pressure gas supply and special water installations.

According to Maciej Madejak, Managing Director at Panattoni Europe, “The presence of Spreadshirt Manufacturing Polska at Panattoni Park Legnica is indicative of the demand in the Legnica market for projects of this type, as well as the potential previously unrecognised by large institutional developers. Legnica provides an alternative to Wrocław, one of the top locations for logistics in Poland. It is about one hour’s drive from the capital of Lower Silesia, and thanks to the A4 motorway, enjoys an excellent road connection with Upper Silesia as well as Germany. It also rivals Wrocław in terms of labour accessibility – the unemployment rate in Legnica is three times higher. This makes it an ideal place for investors to obtain, at a relatively lower price, a product comparable to space in the main markets”.

“Our client has been operating in Legnica for a number of years now. Although various markets were considered in the process of selecting a new location, the decision to stay in Legnica was influenced by factors including the well-resourced local labour market. This aspect is fast becoming a key factor for both tenants and warehouse developers in Poland. In addition, Panattoni Park offers our client a number of benefits. The location's energy-saving potential and other cutting edge solutions offer the possibility of generating additional savings and improving the efficiency of processes. The new warehouse space also means very comfortable working conditions for the Spreadshirt team. This factor is also a key element for all tenants, no matter what industry they operate in”, comments Konrad Lewiński, Senior Consultant at Industrial Agency, JLL.

Panattoni Park Legnica is a modern distribution and production centre, anticipated to total in excess of 90,000 sqm at full build-out, with three buildings and minimum units of 1,600 sqm. There will be two ways to access the complex. The first, from the already existing ul. Spółdzielcza, used for the purposes of the nearby shopping centres. The other access road will be a joint project by Panattoni and the City, running from Rondo Bitwy Legnickiej 1241, situated 1.5 km from the A4. The park lies within city limits, across from Legnica’s existing shopping centre complex, so the employees will be able to use public transport to get to and from work.



Source: Panattoni