At the end of Q1 2023, Panattoni had already delivered 2.5 mln sqm of industrial space in Silesia. Now, the company has bought more land for its projects, this time on ul. Węglowa in Bytom. The project, which is eventually to comprise 131,000 sqm will provide tenants with a  location in the centre of the GZM Metropolis. Five national roads run through Bytom, as well as the A1 motorway and two regional roads including the main communication routes to Kraków, Wrocław, the Czech Republic and the Polish coast.

“Bytom has all the benefits of the region with good communications and a wide range of sites with utilities. The city does not have much modern industrial space so its development potential in this respect is huge”, says Aurelia Rachtan, the Senior Development Manager at Panattoni.

“Investors looking at Silesia like the well-developed infrastructure and the access to qualified labour but most of all they remark on the business-friendly approach of the local government institutions, which are supportive of business development. The involvement of local authorities, which included road building and extending the water and sewage network by a few kilometres has also been a huge support in preparing the development of Panattoni Park Bytom. We are extremely thankful and much appreciate their help, which always makes it a pleasure for us to return to Silesia,” adds Aurelia Rachtan.

The land has been supplied by GTB Metropolis, a Silesian-based firm that has completed the legal and technical preparations for the site.  “I was convinced that we were going to find a buyer for our land, who would be attractive to the Bytom administrative district. It is a superb location just next to the bypass and near a junction on the A1 motorway as well as close to the centre of Bytom. I am very glad that this buyer turned out to be Panattoni, the most active warehouse developer in Poland”, says Mike Musil, the Vice-president of GTB Metropolis.

“Bytom is an attractive place to locate a business. Being in the very centre of the GZM Metropolis and having superb communications as well as a large pool of labour are the factors that attract investment. Investors have already discovered nearly all the plots in our Special Economic Zone having bought them up within three years”, says Michał Bieda, the Deputy Mayor of Bytom. “We are pleased that Bytom’s great investment climate attracts such renowned companies as Panattoni. We will make every effort to make sure the investment runs smoothly while also ensuring a sustainable approach to the surroundings and the environment,” adds Michał Bieda.

The development will be environmentally certified under BREEAM for a rating of ‘Excellent’. The developer is to employ solutions to limit the emission of CO2 and the use of energy and water as well as to ensure the roofs and walls meet a higher-than-normal standard of insulation. Intelligent lighting and HVAC systems are also to be used. Moreover, workers in the centre will be able to use a green area in front of the offices and cycling facilities, and will also have easy access to public transportation.