Warehousing goes East. This is Panattoni’s third distribution and logistics centre in the Lublin area. “The noticeable uptrend in the investment attractiveness of Lublin and Eastern Poland as a whole can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the most important among them is the recent progress in transportation infrastructure” – explains Dorota Jagodzińska-Sasson, Managing Director Panattoni Europe. This is in reference, notably, to the new Lublin bypass, the construction of the S17 expressway, which will significantly shorten the journey to Warsaw (191 km) and the S19 between Lublin and Rzeszów. The latter forms part of the Via Carpathia – the pan-European transport corridor, connecting the north and south of Europe, from Lithuania – through Białystok, Lublin, Rzeszów – all the way to Greece. Upon completion, it will effectively connect the regions of Eastern Poland with the rest of the country, Europe and the world.

Access to human resources in the region is another compelling factor, as labour shortages are becoming an issue in the existing popular investment destinations. The Lublin region – with a population of over two million people, an unemployment rate exceeding that in other regions and nine schools of tertiary education, with 65,000 students every year – is able to provide a regular supply of qualified employees.

At Panattoni Park Lublin III, the developer will be offering modern production and warehouse space, with flexible unit layout options, which will meet the requirements of customers from various industries. The Park will be comprised of four buildings in total, featuring respectively 20,000 sqm, 18,300 sqm, 6,700 sqm and 8,110 sqm.

The first 12,000 sqm have already been leased by logistics operators who are successively extending the network of their distribution and reloading terminals. The choice of Panattoni Park Lublin III was influenced by the excellent location of the new warehouses and their easy accessibility for transport. The site is located near ul. Mełgiewska, right next to the regional road no 822 and as little as 2 km from the intersection with the Lublin bypass (Lublin Zadębie junction) along the expressways S12 and S17.

The road network makes for convenient connections with both the Lublin airport (10 km) and the railway station (5 km). The location in the vicinity of an international airport, railway terminal, and not far from the eastern border of the European Union creates the optimal conditions for both domestic and international distribution.


Source: Panattoni