Panattoni Europe breaks the bank, pushing strongly ahead of the competition. The European branch of Panattoni Development Company listed as the Top Property Developer by PropertyEU magazine for the third time in a row! Each year, the magazine publishes a list of 10 largest property developers, based on the volume of space delivered to the market. This year’s list covers the period from 2016 to 2018, and Panattoni is recognized as the largest property developer in Europe. During the last three years, the company completed projects with the total area of 5.3 million square meters in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom. As much as 35 per cent of that value are projects targeted at and selected by the e-commerce sector, while 25 per cent represent highly advanced manufacturing facilities.

This is how Robert Dobrzycki, Chief Executive Officer Europe, Panattoni Europe, comments on the Top Property Developer 2019 award: ‘Panattoni Europe has been crossing the established barriers for years, achieving record-breaking market performance in terms of value of its projects and presented quotes. We have demonstrated during the years that Poland is a trustworthy partner for leading global economies, as it adapts its projects to the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) concept and the subsequent changes, involving automation, data processing and data sharing. The situation is no different in the e-commerce sector, where we are also a leading developer, and we consider it our obligation to go ahead of the market needs. In the case of e-commerce, these needs are enormous. The value of this market worldwide is estimated to achieve 3.45 billion US$, representing 13 per cent of all retail. Yet as much as 95 per cent of all sales will be transacted online by 2040! Panattoni Europe is ready to support and lead this revolution in purchasing.’

Panattoni Europe specializes in execution of advanced projects dedicated to businesses operating in such sectors as e-commerce. These include the tailor-made big boxes, comprising over 161 thousand square meters, employing robotics and automation, as well as storage spaces adapted to e-commerce logistics within the company’s own parks. The City Logistics Parks concept developed by the company is a natural and indispensable step towards adaptation of the market of industrial facilities to client expectations and consumer needs.

Panattoni Europe is a part of Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest industrial space developers worldwide, operating in 26 branches across North America and Europe. Panattoni’s presence in Central Europe dates back to 2005. The real estate developer has already built 7.5 million sq. m of modern industrial space in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. A special unit is distinguished in Panattoni Europe's organization, dedicated to build-to-suit projects. Key clients include Amazon, Arvato services Polska, Coty Cosmetics, DSV, H&M, Intermarché, Leroy Merlin, ND Logistics, Still, Schenker, Selgros, and Tesco. Apart from Poland, Panattoni Europe has its representative offices in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and Germany.



Source: Panattoni