The existing space will function as a logistics center, however, the company does not rule out further expansion in this area: the new hall has been designed in a way that will enable its expansion in the future, both for warehouse and production needs. It was possible thanks to the investment policy of DL Invest Group, which focuses on long-term cooperation with the tenant and ensuring the possibility of further development of the company within the real estate.

- This is our first investment of this type. The project was developed and implemented in accordance with our requirements from start to finish, and the warehouse is equipped with a modern system of sliding racks, which, thanks to their mobility, occupy 90% less space than standard stationary racks - says Artur Kot, GTX Hanex Plastic Production and Technical Director . - The warehouses rented by GTX Hanex Plastic so far are divided into three areas that are not continuous, which limits the possibility of optimal management of the place and organization - he notes.

The choice of DL Invest Group as a partner who was to implement the BTS project for GTX Hanex Plastic was preceded by a multi-criteria assessment of both the methods of implementing the project and the company that was to implement it.

- The first step was to assess the potential of the future partner, which turned out to meet our expectations. The next step is to check references and evaluate the investments already completed. In this matter, it was noticeable that DL Invest Group focuses on quality and timeliness. The last aspect was the summary of the above points and the price offer. The whole thing turned out to be so beneficial that we decided to choose DL Invest Group as a project partner - sums up Artur Kot.

- DL Invest Group focuses on experience, quality and long-term relationships with the client, thanks to which it knows its business needs and meets them. This distinguishes us from other developers, largely implementing projects for typical sales and paying less attention to the impact of the project on the surroundings, or the tenant's operation in the facility over a several-year perspective. Our idea is to implement and maintain real estate in our portfolio. Hence, we attach great importance to proactive project management, thanks to which we constantly increase its value over time and give our tenants a guarantee that we will be close to their needs not only at the stage of signing the contract or construction, but especially during the entire period of their presence in the building. We create real value for our tenants by providing tailor-made solutions and guaranteeing them the possibility of further expansion within our locations. When building our land bank, we pay special attention to the possibility of further development of the property according to the needs and indications of the client. This potentially reduces costs and, among other things, minimizes the risk of losing employees by our tenants, and thus enables them to grow undisturbed - says Dominik Leszczyński, CEO of DL Invest Group.

- Additionally, as part of our Group, we have built structures that enable comprehensive implementation of investments, which includes: purchase of real estate, design, construction and active management of buildings as part of our internal management and leasing departments, which are at the service of our tenants every day. This means that we generate the greatest possible value for tenants by optimizing the costs of using the facilities on their side - emphasizes Wirginia Leszczyńska, COO DL Invest Group.

The rightness of the development strategy adopted by DL Invest Group is emphasized by the level of lease of existing properties owned by the company: approx. 97 percent. of space is currently leased.

- It is a great honor for us that GTX Hanex Plastic, a leader in its market, has decided to bind us and entrust us with the implementation of key real estate for its development. At each stage of the project implementation, the teams of DL Invest Group, which consists of over 120 professionals, worked and are working on developing the results assumed by our client - concludes Wirginia Leszczyńska.