All the meals supplied to the medical workers are purchased from the bars and restaurants in the office and retail buildings owned by the companies taking part in the campaign. This means that #property4heroes has an additional beneficial effect – by purchasing meals to support medical staff in their work, these companies are also supporting restaurateurs whose businesses have been badly affected by the Covid-19 restrictions.

CA Immo, Grupa Capital Park, Echo Investment, EPP, the Globalworth foundation, Griffin Real Estate, HB Reavis and Panattoni have all joined the #property4heroes campaign.

In the last ten months our lives have been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, when we have had to constantly deal with difficult situations. It’s easy in such circumstances to become indifferent – and to forget how important it is to help those engaged in vital work. Commercial real estate companies have continued their campaign to support medical personnel working on the frontline during the second wave of the virus. It is impossible to be left unmoved by the level of dedication and self-sacrifice these workers have shown. And this is a sentiment that is obviously shared by everyone in our sector, as it continues to lend its support to our heroic hospital workers.

Meals are being delivered to hospitals in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Kielce and Katowice. Dinners are also being provided to ambulance crews on standby at accident & emergency wards and at blood donation and transfusion centres. And ‘office doctors’ – the medical staff and doctors who look after the health of Warsaw’s office workers – take food orders from medical staff so that meals can be sent out to different places every day as part of the campaign.

Working under a strict sanitary regime is a serious challenge for medical personnel. Patients infected with Covid-19 are being treated not only in hospitals and specialist wards, but in every medical centre across Poland. Doctors and nurses are falling ill all the time, which means that healthy medics have to be on duty for longer and have often ended up working in smaller teams. These are the people who treat patients who have suffered heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions. They deliver babies and provide treatment for the newborns. They treat patients in psychiatric wards.

As the health workers who receive these meals point out, their workload has certainly not been reduced by the outbreak of the coronavirus. In each hospital and medical centre there are staff who are often required to work 24-hour shifts. The support of the real estate sector not only gives doctors, paramedics, nurses and midwives something to look forward to during the day, but it can also help them to concentrate on the most important aspect of their work – the health and lives of their patients.

The #property4heroes campaign is not just about providing meals. In the autumn 1,000 protective masks were donated to hospitals by the campaign, as well as protective clothing, sterilising lamps and coffee machines.