Tesco’s distribution centre in SEGRO Logistics Park Poznań, Komorniki is the build-to-suite warehouse with 30,200 sq m scheme equipped with a number of modern sustainable solutions in Tesco’s distribution centre, including the smart motion sensor LED lighting system to reduce electricity consumption by 30%, and special water distribution systems and shut-off valves to cut down on water consumption by 10%. As for ecological transport, there is a bike shelter that will accommodate up to 30 bicycles. The decision to award object BREEAM certificate confirms the high efficiency of the technology used by the developer. This technology not only has a positive impact on the environment, but in the long term also means savings for customers.

Tesco’s distribution centre, which consists of a warehouse for dry food products, offices and a canteen, was constructed by SEGRO, a developer of warehousing and industrial space, within just six months.