ROHLIG SUUS keeps rolling with Panattoni. The developer’s long-term customer – ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, is expanding its capacity by launching a new logistics centre at Panattoni Park Wrocław IX. The space of 15,000 sqm has been taken up to create a warehouse with a modern cross-docking reloading terminal (49,300 sqm) for groupage shipments, as well as office and staff facilities (1000 sqm). The project features 61 docks, expanding the current operational capacity of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics. The new complex will serve customers from Lower and Upper Silesia, and will also handle international groupage shipments to Germany and the Czech Republic.

“The Wrocław branch of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has been in operation for 12 years now. The decision to move the office to a larger location was dictated by business growth, increasing number of reloading operations and the desire to ensure even greater quality of our deliveries. Timeliness and premium customer service are necessary to survive in today’s demanding market and the new facility significantly contributes to making them possible” – says Rafał Małek, Branch Manager of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics in Wrocław.

The building was designed to maximise space utilisation. The goods inside the warehouse are transported using dedicated VNA forklifts, capable of horizontal and vertical movements and able to work in very narrow aisles. The building structure was raised up to 11.5 m, so that even more goods can be stored. The office space will also be doubled.

The presence of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics at Panattoni Park Wrocław IX marks the 17th collaboration between the two companies, bringing the total space up to nearly 170,000 sqm. Last year alone, the logistics operator opened a new branch at Panattoni Park Białystok – the first class A warehouse in north-eastern Poland, and signed leases at Panattoni Park Sosnowiec II and Panattoni Park Warsaw South Janki. Each of these projects not only boasts an exceptional location, but most importantly is dedicated to multiple tenants, contributing to the development of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics. Adam Galek, Board Member of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics responsible for domestic distribution and contract logistics, observes: “The new multi-tenant facility is of strategic importance for us. The location next to the A4 motorway enables us to move shipments fast not only within Lower and Upper Silesia, but also beyond the country’s borders. By increasing our space and changing from a pocket warehouse to a cross-docking facility, we can process more orders in a shorter time”.

The advantages of the location of the new distribution centre are also praised by Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director Panattoni Europe: „Panattoni Park Wrocław IX is our answer to the dynamic growth of Lower Silesia. The centre lies in Bielany Wrocławskie, east of the “Wrocław Południe” junction, where the Wrocław Motorway Bypass intersects with the A4. It is one of the top locations out there today, and I am happy that we have managed to create another centre dedicated to multiple tenants, which will directly support our long-term customer in growing their business”.

The blueprints of Panattoni Park Wrocław IX provide for the development of a single warehouse building with close to 50,000 sqm. The architectural design of the park, the technical specs, and the layout of individual manufacturing, warehousing, office and staff units can be flexibly adapted to occupier needs.



Source: Panattoni