High energy commitment. Panattoni has declared its commitment to using energy supplies derived from renewable energy sources. Such energy has to come with guarantees in the form of certificates confirming its acquisition from hydropower plants, wind farms or solar power plants. For this year, the developer has already signed contracts to be supplied with almost 250,000 MWh of green energy with such guarantees. This will supply Panattoni’s facilities across a wide range of locations, including Łódź, Warsaw, Gliwice, Sosnowiec, Kraków, Lublin, Zielona Góra, Kielce, Szczecin, Gdańsk and Białystok.

Panattoni’s decision, which will mean that all its new facilities are to be exclusively supplied with energy from renewable sources, will also contribute towards reducing their primary energy consumption. This means that after the first wave of these changes, an area of approx. 3 million sqm will be powered by renewable resources, i.e. nearly one third of the space it has built so far.

The pledge to use energy from exclusively renewable sources represents Panattoni’s latest step on the path towards green development and climate protection. “We want our company to generate zero-carbon emissions by 2025 and not leave any carbon footprint. This is our contribution towards a climate-neutral future and is in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C by achieving climate neutrality by 2050. We, as a company, want to achieve neutrality 25 years before this. And by doing so we will also be supporting our clients in their pursuit of their sustainability targets,” explains Emilia Dębowska, the Sustainability Manager of Panattoni.

On the road to a greener future. The developer is also engaged in other pro-environmental activities. For example, since the beginning of last year all of its new projects have been subjected to BREEAM certification to at least the ‘Very Good’ level. This confirms the quality of a building in terms of environmental protection, its comfort of use and its performance. In 2020 alone, Panattoni increased its green certified space by 2.6 million sqm up to 4.6 million sqm. Panattoni’s ‘Go Earthwise with Panattoni’ strategy, which sets a new standard for buildings, involves being friendly to the environment, employees and the local community. Hence, all new Panattoni facilities can already boast reduced fume and carbon dioxide emissions and also – thanks to being fitted with such systems as automatic electricity management – reduced water consumption, not to mention the company’s long-standing use of LED lighting in its buildings.