E-commerce handling at its best – Panattoni supports DHL’s growth. The leader in the Polish domestic parcel delivery market, DHL Parcel Polska, expands its operations in large metropolitan areas, opening two distribution centres in the Warsaw region. The facilities are located in Pruszków, where the company has leased 8,400 sqm at Panattoni Park Pruszków III, and in Radzymin, with an 8,400-square-metre BTS facility built in the vicinity of Panattoni Park Warsaw-North. In total, the properties take up close to 17,000 sqm, with 900 sqm in each facility dedicated to two-storey office space. Both buildings have a non-standard height of 7.5 m. The long-term leases at Pruszków and Radzymin confirm the potential of the Warsaw region recognised by DHL Parcel Polska. By leasing successive facilities, the enterprise is responding to Poland’s rapidly growing e-commerce market, whose value in the years 2018-2022 alone is expected to grow by USD 6 billion (according to Statista Digital Market Outlook).

A cross-docking facility from Panattoni Europe – green and functional. The facilities for DHL Parcel Polska in Pruszków and Radzymin have been fully tailored to occupier needs. To rise up to the functions and solutions planned in the building, the developer not only provided 100+ entrance gates for vans and trucks (per building), but also adapted the space inside to the needs of the latest-generation shoe sorters which have taken price of place in the halls. As a result, Panattoni Park Pruszków III has achieved a sorting capacity of 7500 packages per hour. It means that in the space of a month the facility can sort up to 2,250,000 packages, which, if lined up one next to another, would cover the distance between the newly built terminal and DP DHL Group’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany. According to Magdalena Bugajło – PR & Communications Director DHL Parcel: “This is an excellent result, which makes our terminal at Panattoni Park Pruszków III one of the most modern and efficient logistics facilities in Poland and Europe. At DHL Parcel, we set new trends in the approach to operational infrastructure. During construction works, we employed the latest technologies offered by the market. We implemented a range of innovative solutions and as a result the new, fully-automated terminal can boast not only a very high capacity, but also compliance with the company’s environmental policy”.

In addition, the facilities are in line with the principles of sustainable building in the economic, environmental and social context. Thanks to the implementation of such solutions as LED lighting, water recycling, and charging stations for electric cars, the buildings have qualified for BREEAM environmental certification. Most importantly, though, energy consumption has been cut down by 70%. As a result, in each month of operations each facility will save as much as 50,000 KW of electricity. That is enough to power 1500 electric cars!

Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director, Panattoni Europe observes that the projects developed for DHL Parcel Polska address two crucial trends in warehouse management: “These facilities respond to the enormous growth in e-commerce. The growing popularity of online shopping increases the demand for new distribution centres from key providers of courier deliveries, such as DHL Parcel Polska. Moreover – he adds – the facilities in Radzymin and Pruszków are perfectly aligned with our customer’s expectations in terms of sustainability. DHL Parcel Polska has for many years successfully implemented its GOGREEN policy, so this project, too, had to be developed with environmental considerations in mind”.

Close to Warsaw, Poland and Europe. The location of the facilities built for DHL Parcel Polska was significantly affected by the placement of logistics parks in and around Warsaw. The building in Pruszków is part of Panattoni Park Pruszków III, while the facility in Radzymin was developed near Panattoni Park Warsaw-North. The former provides for excellent connections not only to Warsaw, but also to eastern and western Europe, thanks to its location in the vicinity of the A2 motorway. The proximity of one of Poland’s most crucial thoroughfares also makes for efficient goods transport to the country’s major logistics hubs – Poznań and Łódź. The facility in Radzymin provides an excellent platform for the transportation of goods to the capital city, as well as nationwide. With the centre of Warsaw 30 km away, the city is within easy reach, while the proximity of the S8 expressway ensures excellent connections with major cities in central (Łódź), southern (Wrocław) and eastern (Białystok) Poland.


Source: Panattoni