The original contract covered closed shell construction of the main hall together with an amenity building next to it. During the implementation, the scope of works was extended by the investor to include:

finishing and fitting-out of the sanitary units in the main hall; finishing and fitting-out of the amenity building next to the hall; development of the pumping station.

The critical factors behind the successful project delivery within a very short timeframe were proper organization and coordination of the works performed by all Eiffage teams and the timely provision of all needed construction materials. To meet the required completion deadline, most elements of the hall’s structure such as columns, sill plates, girders, purlins and curtain walls were made from prefabricated materials. Also, the investor’s quality requirements had to be rigorously observed. For instance, most walls were left unfinished with exposed brickwork instead of plastering, which required high-quality masonry workmanship to be delivered by Eiffage’s bricklayers.

– “There were several build-ups of works during the execution of this challenging project. At such times, we planned our activities in such a way as to avoid any disruption to the transport system in Poznań and to the production processes in the VW factory itself. One of such logistics challenges was the process of flooring” – said Piotr Saulewicz, Director of the North Region, Management Board Member of Eiffage Polska Budownictwo. – “At the key stage of this process, in 11 hours, from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m., we laid floors with a total area of 4,608 m2. This work was carried out simultaneously by two flooring teams using a total of 2,304 m3 of concrete from 144 concrete mixers.”

– “It is Eiffage’s second project completed for Volkswagen Poznań. The pace of works was very fast, but thanks to the solutions proposed by Eiffage and the Project Team, everything went according to the schedule. Our cooperation was smooth. It is what we expect from our partners” – said Ewa Schumacher, Head of Infrastructure Planning and Surface Management Department, Volkswagen Polska Sp. z o.o.

The VW welding hall in Antoninek is another large project executed by Polish companies from Eiffage group in the industrial construction segment. Over the last two years, the consortium of Eiffage companies in Poland delivered, among others, projects for Unilever in Poznań and an earlier investment for Volkswagen Poznań – construction of a new VW factory in Białężyce near Września. Currently, they are constructing the new Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor near Legnica.



Source: Eiffage