The lease agreement  is the result of the previous implementation of DL Invest Group for Stokrotka, which is a tenant of warehouse space at DL Invest Park Psary. The commissioning of the Teresin project is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

The lease agreement with Stokrotka is a confirmation of the tenants' high awareness of the principles of the warehouse market, under which the tenant no longer wants to be only an element of the investment project.

- Tenants such as Stokrotka are perfectly aware of the value and advantages that a new warehouse and location must fulfill. The very availability and the rental price are no longer the main determinants of decisions made, because the final cost of using such a facility consists of a number of additional costs, such as: utilities or service charges, and in particular the method of their settlement. The expectations of conscious tenants, and at the same time the requirements set, are very high, ranging from the quality of the facility, through high ecological standards, and ending with the possibilities of expansion and quality in the management of the facility after commissioning and the amenities provided for employees who often define the location - says Dominik Leszczyński , CEO of DL Invest Group.

As he adds, it is in such difficult and complex projects, where specialization counts, but also a long-term relationship combined with facility management and the advantages of renting space from a developer, who remains the owner, guaranteeing the quality of use of such a facility, that is a great advantage for the company and a significant advantage. value for tenants.

- We are all the more pleased that Stokrotka once again chose us from among all the companies, entrusting us with the implementation of such an important project as the central warehouse for the entire chain. Our investment in Teresin will ultimately involve the construction of over 100,000 sq m. of warehouse space while maintaining the highest ecological standards as part of the DL Green program. On the one hand, it gives our tenant the possibility of further expansion while reducing costs, and on the other hand, it allows other companies to take advantage of the excellent location of our investment: the plot is located in close proximity to national roads DK92 and DK50. It is 20 km away from the A2 motorway, and the E20 railway line is nearby. Such a location provides an excellent connection with the rest of the country, says Dominik Leszczyński.

- All our investments are carried out according to a previously assumed strategy, the key element of which is to ensure the possibility of further expansion for our tenants within a given location. We build our property portfolio with long-term project management in mind, as a long-term investor and owner who works every day to improve the quality of services provided and the value of the project for our clients. We do not sell our properties, and we care about their value both in the short and long term. This distinguishes us from other commercial developers, most of which carry out projects with a view to their rapid commercialization and sale - notes Wirginia Leszczyńska, COO DL Invest Group. “Thanks to our commitment, we are able to provide quality unattainable for many other entities, especially in the perspective of long-term use of the facility, ensuring the possibility of further development of companies renting space. Our plots offer the possibility of significant real estate expansion for both our current and future tenants, ”emphasizes Wirginia Leszczyńska.

Tenants appreciate the strategy of DL Invest Group. About 97 percent. of space in existing buildings belonging to the company is leased. The company also successfully operates in the office and commercial space sector.

- In Silesia, where we come from, we have 12 retail parks and 5 office buildings. Two further office projects totaling approximately 36,000 sq m. are under construction. JV DHL Supply Chain-DL Invest Group is also under construction as part of the DL Invest Park Psary project, which aims to deliver 200,000 sq m to the market. modern warehouse space. We also build a number of warehouses in the BTS formula, such as recently commissioned real estate for InPost, DHL, Hutchinson or GTX Hanex Plastic, ”summarizes Dominik Leszczyński.