Currently, in the area of ​​7R Park Lublin, two of the five planned buildings have been completed, and one of the first tenants is the Lublin company Spiżarnia. The company Bremer is responsible for the execution of the works as the general contractor of the project.

Obtaining financing for the implementation of 7R Park Lublin shows the potential of both 7R as a developer providing modern warehouse space, and the potential of the region in terms of the development of new business - comments Tomasz Lubowiecki, President of the Management Board of 7R.

The location of the investment close to the Lublin bypass provides not only convenient access to expressways, but also an excellent road connection for sectors such as FMCG and TSL.

The development of this location is of particular importance for the developer, as according to the report "Logistics and industrial sector. Development paths from the perspective of 2022 "- developed jointly by 7R and Colliers - it is the eastern part of the country, including the Lublin Province, that stands a chance to become a natural migration destination for companies that withdraw their logistics resources, e.g. from Russia and Belarus.