The Polish Green Building Association is a non-governmental organization, which since its inception in 2008, has set itself a mission of radical improvement in design, investment and building utilization in Poland so that sustainable construction becomes a market standard.  7R’s objective is to make green practices the norm on the Polish warehouse real estate market.

Joining this group of green change leaders is a natural step for the company to support pro-ecological initiatives and a declaration to build facilities of the highest quality on the Polish commercial property market. At the beginning of this year, 7R, as the first developer of warehouse and industrial space in the country, launched the company policy, which is based on the principles of sustainable construction and whose aim is to provide eco-friendly buildings. A special R&D team has been established within the company's structures, whose role is to analyze and implement new solutions as well as technologies that support the pro-ecological impact on the industry. Additionally, the team is also responsible for analyzing the level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Within the 7R sustainable policy, developer focuses on three areas:

- an original approach to building, thanks to which the impact on the environment is reduced,

- environmentally friendly solutions that take advantage of a building’s natural surroundings,

- ecological certification, which confirms the quality of 7R investments.

Our modern approach to ecology and the implementation of sustainable construction solutions includes not only the investment process itself, but also the design project and the creation of a people-friendly space. We can achieve these goals by becoming a leader of change and by engaging our business partners in joint action, and for that we are very much appreciated, 

says Ryszard Gretkowski, Vice President of 7R SA.

The 7R developer decided to announce its sustainable policy this year, although the company has built green buildings much earlier. The new research and development center of BWI Group in Balice, awarded this year's Prime Property Prize awards in the "Green Building" category, is an example of a distinctive ecological project. The trigeneration system used in the office and laboratory of this facility allows a gas turbine to produce energy for power, heating, cooling and ventilation.

Source: LInkleaders