The construction of 7R Park Wrocław West II is underway. Currently, work is being carried out on the building enclosure and roof insulation. The general contractor is Kajima Poland.

For 7R Park Wrocław West II, the developer has opted for an innovative solution. A battery energy storage unit will be installed in the building, allowing the storage of electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. This solution is unprecedented in facilities of this type. It will allow to store the green energy from the PV system generated at peak production. This can be used during periods of lower solar energy production combined with simultaneously higher demand for electricity in the building. The energy warehouse has a capacity of 200 kWh", explains Piotr Miodek, Head of Construction & Sustainability at 7R.

Additionally, 7R Park Wrocław West II will be equipped with further solutions in order to achieve a significant reduction in the building's operational emissions. Apart from heating-ventilation systems with high-efficiency heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation, the building will also feature an advanced Building Management System (BMS), energy-efficient LED lighting, and a photovoltaic installation for clean energy production. All these measures will enable 7R to apply for BREEAM certification at the highest Outstanding level.

7R Park Wrocław West II is being built in Kąty Wrocławskie, Poland and will have a direct connection to the A4 motorway (Kąty Wrocławskie Junction). The solutions applied in 7R Park Wrocław West II will result in a reduction of operational CO2 emissions by over 50% compared to buildings constructed according to the technical conditions specified in building regulations.

The entire project has already been leased to Yusen Logistics. The tenant will occupy nearly 42,000 square meters of warehouse space and over 1,000 square meters of office space. The completion of construction work on 7R Park Wrocław West II is planned for the second quarter of 2024.