This logistics center with a total area of approx. 60 000 sqm will be the biggest and most modern facility in our network. The warehouse will be fully automated, and energy-efficient so as to reduce to an absolute minimum the center’s carbon footprint. As the center will be of strategic importance for our chain, we have decided to participate in this project as an investor to guarantee the best possible performance standards. This logistics center will be financially beneficial for Żabka in the years to come,

says Tomasz Suchański, President of the Board at Żabka Polska.

This BTS (build to suit) project, has been developed in accordance with the chain’s needs with the optimization of all processes. In the center’s “high bay” section, the building will be four times taller than a standard warehouse, and will be supported by advanced technological solutions.

For our customers, modern and effective logistics translate into a guarantee of top quality, fresh products being available in our stores. In addition, it guarantees franchisees swift and comprehensive delivery handling on a day-to-day basis. This logistics center will secure us even better effectiveness and future growth,

says Adam Manikowski, Vice President of the Board, Managing Director at Żabka Polska.

Żabka Polska's logistics center developed by 7R, visualization.

Żabka Polska's logistics center developed by 7R, visualization.

We are delighted to see Żabka implementing its business strategy in the spirit of ecological construction as well as the company’s foresight when it comes to choosing modern proptech solutions in its new investment near Radzymin. It is the first such advanced facility for the food industry in Poland. In addition to the "high bay" building, we will supply cold stores, freezers, washrooms, and dryers as part of the investment. We are very pleased that we can carry out this project together with Żabka,

adds Bartłomiej Krawiecki, Member of the Board, Head of Development at 7R.

The new logistics center will be characterized by high storage capacity, housing cooling areas and advanced systems that support the automation of logistic processes. The building will be equipped with state-of-the-art logistic automation technologies, including automated transport and pallet bins as well as Goods to Man picking systems. As result, the center will be able to dispatch approximately 5 000 m3 of goods on a daily basis.

The new Żabka logistic center will be equipped with several solutions which allow the facility to fully operate but have the ability to limit its carbon footprint. The building will be powered by photovoltaic solar panels, anti-smog cobblestones and towers, as well as a grey water system to reduce consumption.

As a developer we believe that any innovative solutions used in warehouse construction should fulfil two basic functions: to effectively handle the processes inside the building and to act in the service of responsible development. We have designed this facility for Żabka, with these principles in mind. The process of planning and the commencement of construction works was extremely rapid. Thanks to the support of the local authorities, we were able to quickly start the development process, 

concludes Maciej Krawiecki, Head of Leasing at 7R.

The construction works have already begun with the investment’s commissioning for use scheduled for mid-2022. The center will be fully equipped with automated solutions by 2023.