Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on 16 March 2020, the facility in Starachowice was transformed into a specialist infectious diseases hospital, where only people with suspected coronavirus were admitted. Currently, activities are being carried out to gradually restore the Starachowice medical center to its former mode of operation. The return to the original profile of the multi-specialist hospital in Starachowice has been divided into stages. This process will be assisted by CareBox, a modular admissions room for the diagnosis of patients with suspected COVID-19, which will provide isolation and ensure the safety for both medical personnel and people reporting to the hospital with other medical issues.

Reducing social restrictions will lead to a new wave of COVID-19 cases in Starachowice, because people are gathering at family celebrations such as weddings. Recent infections illustrate this issue. However, we will gradually restore the activity of the clinic and medical consultations of other specializations. That is why the mobile emergency room, donated by 7R, will definitely help us to take the highest precautions. The additional medical space will be used to diagnose people reporting COVID-19-typical symptoms. The CareBox will operate independently of the facility, and act as a separate entrance and a separate sanitary room. This will minimize the risk of infecting medical personnel and bringing the entire hospital to a halt. The safety of our patients and doctors is of paramount important to us.

says Grzegorz Kaleta, Chief Director of the District Healthcare Centre in Starachowice

CareBox is a 21 sqm steel container. When prepared, it can be used as a sanitary point with specialist medical equipment. This sterile and mobile emergency room, which can be easily disinfected and transported to any place or combined with other containers, was created in response to the real needs of hospitals, sanitary and epidemiological stations.

As a developer, we know how important it is for the building's users to have properly designed interiors, tailored to the specific functions of the property. This is why 7R got involved in the aid program initiated by JR Modular Systems, a manufacturer of sanitary modules. We very much support the idea of creating sterile areas for hospitals, which ensure the best standards for medical staff and patients. We are glad that the CareBox has already been installed on the premises of Starachowice hospital. This additional space will be used as a mobile diagnostic point. It is worth noting that the steel containers can be adapted in various ways, which makes the mobile emergency room a flexible, durable and above all practical solution. We believe that this will work in the daily operations of the hospital.

adds Tomasz Lubowiecki, President of 7R

CareBox was produced in Zabrze, from where it was transported to Starachowice by a special truck equipped with a hydraulic crane. It is a modular facility, created on the basis of a steel structure designed to provide the required functionalities in a small but comfortable space. The Carebox is divided into two zones "for the doctor", and "for the patient". The CareBox in Starachowice has a temporary isolation room, a smear testing point and a doctor's room/office. A mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation allow for adequate air circulation.

We thought that the steel containers could be of great help during a pandemic, as they would be an additional diagnostic point outside the hospital walls. Thanks to the donors, i.e. companies that have been involved in our initiative, CareBoxes have the opportunity to be put to use all over Poland. We produce them in our own factory and deliver the finished module directly to the installation site, as was the case of the hospital in Starachowice. Thanks to the fact that the installation of the mobile emergency room takes only a few hours, it can be quickly adapted to sanitary needs. Our initiative has attracted a great deal of interest from medical institutions across the country. The CareBox aid program continues, and our team is ready to increase the production capacity, so we would invite you to actively engage in helping hospitals.

concludes Jakub Stryjewski, co-owner of JR Modular Systems

The project can be supported by making a donation to hospitals that have reported a need for a mobile emergency room. For more information please contact Jakub Stryjewski from JR Modular Systems.