LOREL Logistik GmbH has nearly 1,000 employees and a logistics area of more than 120,000 square meters. It is one of the leading logistics service providers in Bremen, handling, among other things, FTL and returns for the premium car manufacturer. The development of the Seifert Logistics Group has continued uninterrupted for many years. In addition to implementing new logistics projects, the Group is also interested in strategic partnerships and acquisitions. "We are critically examining acquisitions because additional purchases must be strategically aligned and create value for our company," - says Axel Frey, CEO of Seifert Logistics Group. "LOREL Logistik GmbH fits perfectly strategically into our portfolio. Due to the implementation of identical logistics projects, we are familiar with the requirements and processes involved, so we can take advantage of the synergies." - Frey adds. The Seifert Logistics Group currently operates in more than 45 locations. With this acquisition, Seifert Logistics Group is building its presence in northern Germany, which is in line with its newly established "nextLevel" corporate strategy. Having hired 3,000 employees in February this year, the Group's team will essentially expand with the acquisition. "We look forward to further growth with a warm welcome to our new colleagues on the Seifert team," concludes Harry Seifert, Chairman of the Seifert Logistics Group Advisory Board.