The jury selected 9 finalists from 42 applications. It was a wonderful show of many creative projects.

“The mural design I made was supposed to show that Accolade's activity creates a visionary future. I would like to convey that, like Accolade, I believe that the basis of responsible actions is an idea. The main theme of the project is the colorful world of ideas and the fact that the potential for creation is hidden in everything. Accolade in my eyes cares about the environment, people, and animals. The opportunity to get involved in this project was very important to me as it opened the door to the world of the mural, which is an absolute dream come true for me. Honestly speaking, I never dreamed of winning, the fact of being a finalist was already a huge success for me. I am very happy that it was my work that was chosen, and I hope that everything I meant by creating it, will be reflected and will decorate the retaining wall of the Park, giving pleasure to the local employees every day" says Kamila Kurczab.


The selection of the winning project turned out to be extremely difficult. All the projects that passed to the tenant voting stage were characterized by an original approach to the topic and high quality of workmanship. Ms. Kamila's work stood out against the background of these wonderful projects with a great understanding of the values represented by Accolade and a feast of perfectly matching colors.


"The project provided by Mrs. Kamila Kurczab in every respect, especially aesthetically, is flawless. The artistic message is consistent, and the choice of colors makes the design a great material for a mural. It will be a pleasure for me to supervise the implementation of the project, which we will start this spring, and I hope that the result will be breathtaking" says Dr. Rafał Roskowiński, chairman of the jury.


"I am extremely happy that the winning project is not just a wonderful piece of art from the very talented young artist, but also perfectly reflects the values that are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Sustainability, responsibility, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. I must admit that this design was also one of my favorites and I am glad that the tenants chose it as their winner. In my opinion, it will be a great revival for the current retaining wall. Congrats to Kamila on behalf of Accolade and I firmly believe that she will continue to develop her talent" says Dana Kryńska, Head of Marketing & PR, Accolade.


The mural based on the winning design will be made this spring by a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture of the Białystok University of Technology with the help of the author of the design, and under the supervision of Dr. Roskowiński.