A facility which suits specific customer’s needs became a crucial element of building a competitive advantage on warehouse development market. This is why the number of Build-to-Suit facilities in Poland increases from one quarter to another. To be able to answer customers’ needs more effectively, 7R has created a dedicated BTS team with Dominika Curyło and Karol Górnicki on board. Karol has been working for 7R for over two years and in this time, he was responsible for leasing both BTS and multi-tenant facilities.

,,The last two years were very intense for 7R. We managed to lease over 600,000 sqm of industrial space. Still, we continue to grow and each quarter we start new projects. Our development activity increased by a few times in the last couple of years. To be able to keep the highest standard of services for our current and future customers, we have decided to create a dedicated BTS team within our leasing department. I am convinced that the joined expertise of Dominika and Karol will be a perfect fit that will aim for success", says Maciej Krawiecki, Head of Leasing, 7R SA.

Dominika Curyło has over five years’ experience in real estate. Prior to joining 7R, Dominika worked for Valeo, an international manufacturer, as Regional Segment Leader for leasing buildings, logistics and transportation, where she was responsible for leasing standard industrial space as well as BTS in Southern Poland. She graduated from the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

,,Having experience in the production–warehouse market I have been observing 7R’s growth from the outside perspective. I am very happy to be joining such an exceptional team and share my knowledge with them, especially regarding BTS projects", says Dominika Curyło, BTS Leasing Manager, 7R SA.

With Dominika Curyło joining 7R, the company’s leasing team has grown up to 10 members now.



Source: 7R Logistics