Where can I upload my warehouse datasheet?

The warehouses can be uploaded through the user admin platform, by clicking on the “Add warehouse” button.

How can i upload picture to the warehouse?

You can upload pictures to your industrial park in your user admin at the media menu. You can attach 6 additional pictures to your industrial park building / building at the Available space menu, where you can also fill in your warehouse buildings information in details.

How can i add an agent to the warehouse?

You need to log in to the user admin platform, click on „Contacts” menu on the left side after select „Add new contact”.

What are the functions of the coloured arrows next to my warehouse in the user admin?

The arrows are indicating the warehouse’s occupancy tendency taking into consideration the changes in the last 3 months. The green arrow refers to a positive occupancy change, the orange indicates a stagnation and the red one means a negative tendency meaning that it is time to place stronger emphasis to the warehouse advertisement.