K.F.: Good morning, Mr. Adam, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. ADECON is known for offering logistics and storage services of the highest quality. One of your facilities is a specialized warehouse for battery and battery storage - ADECON Battery Warehouse in Wroclaw, Poland. What are the challenges and benefits associated with this type of storage?

A.C.. : Good morning, I am very pleased to hear from you. Actually, our battery and accumulator storage warehouse is one of the few in Poland that meets all safety and quality requirements. Batteries and accumulators are dangerous products that require special care and appropriate conditions. We must take care that they are not damaged, overheated, short-circuited or ignited. On the other hand, they are products that are very much needed and in demand on the market, especially in the era of the development of electric technology and renewable energy sources.

KF.: What are the most important aspects of battery and battery storage?

A.C: First of all, it is necessary to ensure the right temperature and humidity in storage. Batteries and accumulators must not be exposed to excessively high or low temperatures, nor to humidity, which can cause corrosion or short-circuiting. That's why our warehouse is equipped with an air conditioning and ventilation system to maintain constant environmental parameters. In addition, we must follow the rules of product segregation and labeling. Batteries and accumulators differ in type of electrolyte, voltage, capacity and size. They cannot be mixed with each other or with other goods. Each product must be properly labeled and placed in a special container or pallet. In this way, we prevent the risk of incompatibility or damage to the products.

K.F. : How do you take care of the safety of employees and the environment?

A.C.. : Safety is a priority for us. Our personnel are properly trained and equipped with personal protective equipment. Employees know and follow procedures for dealing with emergencies or threats. Our warehouse is monitored by a thermal imaging battery product control system as well as alarm and firefighting systems that respond to any anomalies or deviations from set values. In addition, we cooperate with local emergency services and report our activities to them on a regular basis. If necessary, we can count on their support.

K.F. : How do you assess the development prospects of the storage market for batteries and accumulators?

A.C. : I believe that this market has great potential and will develop dynamically. More and more companies and individual customers need batteries and rechargeable batteries for various purposes: from cell phones to electric cars to renewable energy storage systems. The environmental awareness of society and the need to properly dispose of used batteries and accumulators is also increasing. That's why our company focuses on innovation and quality services to meet the expectations and needs of the market.

An interview with Mr. Adam Cozaś, Business Development Director of ADECON, reveals the importance of combining expertise with modern technologies in battery and accumulator storage management. As an industry leader, ADECON demonstrates that a responsible approach to storing these products not only ensures safety, but also opens up new opportunities for technology development and environmental protection. Their plans for expansion and investment in new technologies are proof that the Polish storage market has a bright and dynamic future.