K.F.: Good morning Mr. Luke. Can you share the vision of the "Kuropasz" company to open up to the storage industry?

Lukasz Sokolowski: Good morning, thank you for the invitation to give an interview. "Kuropasz" has been operating primarily in the livestock sector for years, but we have always been aware of the importance and future of a modern approach to logistics. By opening up to new market challenges, we are the first in our region to offer large-scale high-bay warehouses. For us, the new warehouse is not only an investment in space, but first and foremost an opportunity to develop our region by creating infrastructural conditions for large transport, shipping and logistics companies.

K.F.: What trends in the warehouse market influenced the design and functionality of your warehouse?

Lukasz Sokolowski: We observe the continuous development of technology and the changing needs of customers. We focus on the high standard of the building, with modern solutions such as loading ramps with hydraulic lifts and dust-free flooring, which directly translate into comfort and efficiency.

K.F.: Can you elaborate on the technical specifications of the warehouse?

Lukasz Sokolowski: With pleasure. Our current investment has 14,744 sqm of high-bay warehouse space and 693 sqm of office and social space, which is divided into three modules. We have 17 loading ramps and 3 entry gates from the "0" level. The entire building is protected around the clock, both by physical security and a monitoring system. In addition, the building is equipped with zoned heating, ventilation and a modern fire protection system with sprinkler system.

K.F.: What are your plans for the future in terms of further development of the warehouse infrastructure?

Lukasz Sokolowski: We plan further expansion and customization of our facilities to meet the individual needs of our customers. We believe that flexibility and readiness to innovate are the keys to success in this rapidly growing industry.

K.F.: Thank you for the interview. In conclusion, could you summarize the main benefits of investing in a new warehouse for "Kuropasz"?

Lukasz Sokolowski: The new warehouse is first of all a step towards further development and strengthening the company's position on the market. I am convinced that the opportunity to optimize logistics processes will translate into investments by large companies in our region